Women in Leadership Summit 2022 has wrapped up and it was a huge success! This year's theme was "WIL Lead Together." Listed below are the descriptions of the breakout sessions held this year's conference. REcordings of the sessions can be located under the SECURE tab. You must be logged in to see the SECURE tab.

Please be aware - the timeframe to access some session recordings is limited due to presentation agreements. 

Women in Leadership Summit 2022

Session Info:


Shared Leadership: How building trust, communicating effectively and empowering others builds the foundation of our leadership journey - Heather Thomson & Keri Schwebius, Elk Island Catholic Teachers Local No 21

As a leader, whether you are in an informal or formal leadership role, we know that shared leadership is important to the success of any team. Creating and effectively implementing shared leadership takes time, intentionality, and critical reflection. At the end of the session, you will walk away with greater clarity of shared leadership as well as tools/strategies you can use today.

Imposter Syndrome: Behind Closed Doors - Heather Thomson, Elk Island Catholic Teachers Local No 21
When we enter our leadership journey, many of us hesitate about applying for leadership positions. We often think we are not qualified enough or have enough experience. Join Heather as she shares the 5 Imposter Syndrome personas and how they may be holding you back from taking the next step in your leadership journey.

Leading in the Intersections - Linda Doyle, Calgary Public Teachers Local No 38
In this session we will explore intersectionality in our experiences as school leaders. In what ways does our class, ethnicities, races, gender identities, sexual orientation, (dis)abilities, etc. impact our confidence and readiness for the leadership journey? In this session we will use an Indigenous practice to situate ourselves in a safe place where women in formal positions of leadership or those who aspire to acquire formal positions of leadership share lessons learned in their own intersections.

Are you ready for leadership - HECK YES! - Allison McCaffrey, Calgary Separate School Local No 55
While 71% of Alberta teachers are women, it is clear these numbers are not reflected in senior administration or amongst the decision makers in many school boards. Through personal stories and commentary, we will explore the current status of women-in-leadership across Canada and address some of the barriers being experienced. We will end by discussing ways to develop our personal support systems so that when leadership opportunities present themselves this year, you will feel comfortable enough to say "HECK YES!"

Creating A Collaborative, Safe, Effective Learning Community Together - Arshleen Johl and Tammy Earl, Calgary Public Teachers Local No 38
Arshleen and Tammy will recount how their partnership as teacher and behavior support worker led to the creation of an inclusive, collaborative, safe, and effective learning community when teaching a specialized mental health class in division 2 that experienced successful integration.

Navigating the journey, not planning the destination - Lynn Leslie & Adriana Klassen Calgary Separate School Local No 55
Reflecting on their combined 25 years of experiences in school leadership, Adriana and Lynn will share their personal and professional journey of being women leaders in K-12 schools in Alberta. This session will focus on their shifts in perspective and thinking that have resulted in a more authentic, collaborative, and integrative approach to leadership.

Don't take anything personally: Escaping the stereotype of an angry Black woman - Gail-Ann Wilson Edmonton Public Local No 37
The intersectional nature of Black women's identities often triggers a stereotype of the "Angry Black Woman". It degrades and demoralizes Black women while training others to believe that we are angry because it's in our nature to express anger without cause. This is a barrier for Black women to reach their leadership potential and is even more evident by an underrepresentation of Black women in education in Alberta.

Women in Leadership: Becoming Me, Building We - Dr Konni deGoeij
Women make up just over half of the Canadian population, yet continue to be underrepresented in political and professional leadership positions. This session will discuss what we, as women, can do to help one another advance as leaders in our careers because we interact with people every day, and we live our lives in the context of our relationships.

Rise Up: Finding and Developing the Courage to Lead - Dr Joni Turville
While some teachers have a clear vision of their own leadership aspirations and path forward, others may simply not see themselves in that light. This session will engage participants in reflecting on their journey to date and how to continue to learn and grow as leaders, whether their current role consists of formal or informal leadership.

Future Proofing Your Finances - Myra Rybotycki
It is often said that failing to plan means planning to fail. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and create financial plan which protects your future. Participants will be asked to fill out a budgeting document and complete retirement income exercise prior to the session. (These documents will remain private but will integral to the session material)