Association History of Women in Leadership Committees

Since 1975, the Alberta Teachers Association has established various committees to attend to the status of women in the teaching profession.  The poses. committees are listed below.  From examination of the various iterations of committees over time, it becomes clearer that women in leadership has been conflated with diversity, equity, and human rights.  At present, the Women in Leadership Committee and Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights Committee exist independently and each serve distinct and important purposes.

1975/76                                   Committee on Role and Status of Women

1979/80                                   Committee on Stereotyping and Discriminatory Practices

1980/81 to 1986/87                 Stereotyping and Discriminatory Practices Committee

1987/88 to 1991/92                 Human Rights Committee

1989/90                                   Task Force on Women in Administration

1990/91 to 1997/98                 Women in Education Committee

1998/99 to 1999/2000             Gender Equity in Education Committee

2000/01 to Present                  Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Committee

2018/2019                               Women’s Leadership Subcommittee

2019/2020 to Present              Women in Leadership Committee