WIL Work Plan (2020/2021)

Task Name

Task Details and Resources

Expected Completion Date

Review Terms of Reference


September 2020

Review Annual Work Plan


September 2020

Plan Summit

Budget set, venue determined, identification and engagement of key note speakers, determine number of sessions and speakers for each session.

Create an agile plan that allows for moving to a virtual platform

Summit Series?

Materials Development?


March 2021

Review Frame of Reference for Local Women in Educational Leadership

Should any changes be contemplated and brought forward to PEC for approval?

January 2021

Review Association policy and bring forward suggestions for resolutions


January 2021

Implement policy resolutions passed at ARA

WIL Committees at the local level

Increased budget for the Summit


Create a three year work plan

Include succession planning

June 2021 (was delayed last year due to COVID-19 pandemic)

Establish an advisory committee that meets online two to three times per year

Review the effectiveness of this structure and consider changes if needed

September 2020

Identify and facilitate research project topic

The impact of maternity/parental leaves on career progression – this project was initiated over the summer of 2020 and the literature review is being finalized

November 2020

Plan for the knowledge mobilization of the Women in Educational Leadership Needs Survey